I love to do crafts!  The crafts I love to do varery and supplies are costly.  I have learned to use the internet for classes and also depended on friends and freecycle.org for supplies that are free.  I love a bargain and nothing is better than free stuff. I have heard that in scrapbook clubs people meet and share supplies, often giving others materials the scrapper can not use. Here in Florida, there are several crafters who use shells, driftwood, thrown out glass for beautiful art projects.  I know a lady who visits local newspapers for left over papers to do her paper mache.  I have a friend who has us all collecting bottle caps for art projects that she creates.   My one friend is a genius, she goes to tile shops and ask the owners for tiles left over from jobs and the owners are happy to comply because it keeps their trash removal costs low. Often home improvement or hardware stores have items that crafters can use that they just throw out and would happily give you, if you just ask.   Wallpaper stores often have sample books to get rid of that scrap-bookers or card makers could reuse. Did you ever take a free class at Michael’s or  Jo Ann Fabrics? Often, major craft stores have free seasonal or holiday classes. Car pool to a craft center when free classes are offered and save money.  I would love to hear about ways that other crafters repurpse, or want to be crafters can get free stuff! Thanks, and get out in your neighborhood and enjoy the area’s free art and artists!