Art about Englewood

I love taking walks around our town of Englewood, Florida and enjoying the art that local artists have created. I see wood carvings, mosaics, paintings on all kinds of media.  I enjoy photographs in the city buildings, clay creations at the library and bronze art displays on the streets. Several benches thru the city have been adopted and painted by local artists. In Englewood,Florida we have beautiful walls painted with murals.  I bet there are local artists in your hometown who display their work at various locations publicly in your city. These local city artists need your support and encouragement. You can support the artists by viewing and hopefully finding out how you can buy the work the artist creates.  If you are unsure where to find public art call your local chamber of commerce or artists guild. There are local stores that feature artists work  and don’t mind you visiting without purchasing.  Often in our local schools, there are free art show,s and exhibitions as well as at nearby colleges.  Get out and enjoy the art where ever you live. by Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood,Fl.