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Englewood ,Fl. Mainstreet

I sometimes wish that my children were small again.  Then there are times when I am in public, and I hear people who are having conversations on their cell phones right next to me, and every other word is the F word.  I am happy that they  my children, are grown and I do not have to explain to them why a seemly intelligent person has such a limited vocabulary.  The culture seems to be full of rap artists  when it comes to speaking in public.  Now, I know not all
the rap artists use the F word for a catch-all term, but enough do. Too many Lil Wayne want to be alike in our society today.  Do you think that we can live in our society today without the exposure to the F word at the mall? Do you have a challenging time finding a movie for a grown up without a f word or excessive bad language? I suggest we start a movement that every time we are near a person polluting the air with the “F” word and other foul language we leave the area and give them the questioning look?