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http://www.alz.org/                                                                                               Please see this link to help with  Alzheimer’s disease. Please enjoy the following link to a song I have purchased from I Tunes. Tuneshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qoymGCDYzU

Glen Campbell performing 2004 Wikepedia Picture

This is a picture of Glen Campbell. the way I will remember him.                        If you have ever had a loved one who was taken over by Alzheimer’s, you know the pain that Glen Campbell‘s family is now going thru.  The research for this cruel disease is far from what is needed.  People, we need to attack this disease with fervor.  By 2050 in our country we will have over 5 million adults who are over the age of 90.  The time to act is now! Our economy will not be able to support this heavy burden of care that an Alzheimer’s patient will need.  I watched the disease take my grandfather who loved to dance the “Irish Jig” . My grandpa would enjoy the simple things in life. After Alheimer’s  took his mind, he was very negative and sullen. The sadness the disease brings to grandchildren  of its victims is, that it robs the grandchildren of the previous wonderful memories they may of had, of their grandparent. We need to take on this disease with all the gusto of a major battle in war time.