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Two young Nokota mares

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http://takingonacause.com/2011/05/07/today-may-7-2011-is-the-kentucky-derby-what-happens-to-the-horses-after-the-race/ This is the link for Promise Acres. Along with the bad economy comes the neglect of animals. Promise Acres helps one horse at a time. The mission statement for Promise Acres Equine Rescue of helping one horse at one time is fantastic. I love telling people, who if a person would do one thing for a person in need,and on a cause in need on a regular basis, we would all be better off as a society.Picture taken at Promise Acres Equine Rescue.

War Horse Cast Raises Thousands To Help Equine Charities Cope …

The movie “War Horse” tells about the loyalty between a young man and his horse. The cast of this movie realizes, there are important rescue opportunities and became fundraisers for the above cause. Please see above link to see what the cast of “War Horse” did to help horses.