My papa James McCaw Sr. always fed the birds in our yard. My mother even left items birds could build their nest with, like long hair strands from her hair brush.  My papa always in his prayers thanked God for the birdies in the sky. I thought it was humorous then now I just think it was a clue on how special his loving heart was.   I have been to several wild life discussions here in my hometown. I often hear in these speeches how if you feed birds and wild life don’t start if you can not feed the wild life on a regular basis. The birds at my feeder wait patiently for me every day. It is cold in Florida now, so it is more important to feed the birds daily. The following is a very cool place to purchase all your wild bird supplies. God bless, and great bird watching!  Berkeley Rustic Bird Houses Offering the best of Pan Pacific Rim Cuisine, these feeder establishments serve the best of the Pacific Rim. Serving the best seeds in the area, these feeders are frequented by famous birds and celebrities like Jay(Leno), Robin(Williams and Givens), Martin(Steve and Lawrence), Woodypecker(Harrelson). Call 510-827-5414 for our birdhouse soup kitchen on 1733 Sacramento Street, Berkeley, CA. No birds will go hungry