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Martha Stewart and First lady Michelle Obama both believe in purchasing your fruits and vegetables in your own community if possible. Mrs Obama and Martha Stewart are part of a growing population who  believe in growing your own produce in your community garden as one option and cultivating a garden in your  own back yard. This is possible,

Tom Yager checking out the veggies at Englewood Florida's Farmer Market

Farmers Market by Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood,Fl.

 if you have the resources and land to do it.   Please purchase locally when ever possible, your produce and for the fact also other purchases to maintain house and lifestyle.           http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/07/michelle-obama-nate-berkus-celebrate-fall-harvest_n_1079973.html      video for Mrs Obama and White House Garden.                                                                                                            I love to buy locally, whevever possible this includes both food and also products of the non food nature. The farmers market in Englewood Florida, meets every Thursday on Dearborn ave.   I enjoy perusing stands that contain vegetables, fruits, baked items, nuts, herbs, honey and jams, plants,crafts, holistic items, non preservative prepared meals and much more is on display and for sale.