Neal Auricchio Jr.   Picture above courtesy of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To Hear Josh Wilson -“Savior Please”                                                                                                                           When I hear about human beings that stand by and let another human being be beaten because he is wearing a certain jersey, I am so disappointed in these people.  People who watched and did nothing to help the victim.  The victim I find out is  Iraq war veteran Neal Auricchio Jr, who was decorated for his actions in Iraq.  I further find out the victim Neal is a police officer serving to protect others. I am not only sick at heart over what happened, but I am angry at what happened to this fine young man. I need to remember that we are human and humans make mistakes, and that these people who were cowards  can redeem themselves. When people who are good fail to do nothing the people who do evil will prevail. This is  not a new concept. Today I hope there are people who come forth and help the police find these individuals who obviously are short on coping skills and get them off the street,                                         p1ease watch the video and see if you can be of help. If you recognize anyone in video beating victim, please contact police. I will be listening to Josh Wilson and his song “Savior Please” to ask God to give me some calm on why people treat other people this way, because right now I am very angry.