Molly you came to live with us and to love us a year ago today. The loving Suncoast Humane Society people said you suffered from separation anxiety. You had been in more than one home after another and brought back. It seems you cried when the new family left to to go out and run errands. Yes, you did do that for weeks with us but after a while you pretty much stopped crying and joined Lilly in the bed to wait for our return. I do no know what happened all I know is I am happy you are with us. You are not here to replace any other dog, Molly! My sister Sheila said when I go to the light a pack of dogs will be waiting for me, lol.. I love you for you. You have your own special qualities.. I love that you are so fiercly us , something I admire in humans.  You are a loving and special 4 legged soul. I love you and am thankful you chose us.