Michael Ingrassia President of VA transportation Network  I am thankful that you and Frank, both brought to my attention,  your much needed foundation!

I would like my fellow bloggers and my readers to support this very worthwhile organization! Please, please read today’s blog on The VA Transportation Network Foundation and their mission statement!

Ebay Auction To Support Walter Reed Hospital

VA Transportation Network Foundation is a federal and state recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose sole goal and commitment is to offer FREE car service to all United States Military Veterans of past and present conflicts, who have selflessly dedicated their time, effort, and lives for the greater good of not only our country, but the entire world; our organization provides this transportation service TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE to all of these men and women because of the unique challenges they face every day, by safely, quickly, and reliably transporting them to and from their place of residence, to all Veterans Affairs Medical appointments and to various locations which include but are not limited to, other doctors appointments, rehabilitation and physical therapy appointments and on Sundays to religious services. We are committed to making our transportation services the highest standard in transportation available today through personalized attention and utilization of the most advanced technology, while maintaining the utmost professionalism and compassion for all our military clientele. Our more immediate goals include, relieving the pain and uncertainty of these veterans and their family’s by working with VA hospitals, community based outpatient clinics (CBOC’s) and VA centers in order to offer our services to all those in need because of their physical well-being; including the homeless vet and the elderly vet who are no longer able to drive. Ultimately we are committed to strengthening the good of the community as well as informing the public of the needs of our nation’s hero’s.

In order to maintain operations, VA Transportation Network Foundation relies on multiple forms of donations. Primarily we are hoping to be corporately funded and sponsored; however, we will also accept public and private donations. Along with the need for monetary donations, VATNF also relies on in-kind donations of equipment and other items such as vehicles, access equipment (wheel chair lifts, wheel chair ramps, etc). For the most part we are still in need of vans, fuel cards and other handicap accessible or traditional vehicles; as well as office space and equipment, we are in need of computers and other supplies. All donations are tax deductible as provided by law and go to a greater cause. In addition all our drivers are paid Military Veterans. Any assistance, be it a donation of any kind or a simple fund-raising volunteer effort is greatly appreciated…..

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