To watch cat signing for food.

My kitty-Noir 22 last Aug 26

My beloved Noir now 22 son of Paleface who lived to be 23

I love me some kitties, my Noir is now 22. Yes he is, I saw him being born. Noir is the son of my cat Paleface, she lived to be 23! I love Purina and all that company does to save animals. Purina sponsors adopt-a- thons. Purina gives money to shelters to save all kinds of domestic family members every year.  I love a company that uses their product to help those who consume their products!  I love their Purina All Star site on the web. The Purina people offer a fun look at our companions on their site. Please support Purina products by purchasing them for your non-human family members. I would like my dear readers to also take a look at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, located here where I live in Englewood, Fl.  Husband Rick and wife Chrissy basically live their lives to save kitties of all kinds.  It is constant struggle to keep the Haven afloat!