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                                                                                                                          I am so saddened to be constantly reading online or in the newspapers about another young person taking their own life, due to bullying. I often hear that the young person bullied, was talented, tender hearted and loved by family, and friends.  In our children age ten years to 19 years today it seems there is a degree of meaness.  A lot of these children who are mean are also angry, and become bullies because of the anger they carry around inside.  Some bullies, have a deep rooted anger due to their family life.  Some bullies, become bullies due to the fact that they were bullied themselves.  Some bullies are bullies to fit in and really do feel bad that they bully other kids. When did it become so cool to watch others get hurt or to make fun of another persons shortcomings?  I have seen myself, first hand working in the school system just how unhappy some of the students are.  The students that may seem to have it all like talent, good grades and good looks are sometimes so angry. The anger I have mentioned  comes from a myriad of reasons. Often I can understand where the anger is coming from, when the student talks about the home he or she is living in. I once heard a student say my mom said if she isn’t happy no one in the family would be, when is going to be my turn to be happy?  I know there are people who will say it is not that simple to solve this bullying problem. I think that we could all start by getting more involved in our local schools. I would hope that people who claim they are bored and also people who are retired with too much time on their hands, would go to the local school and volunteer time. I know to solve the problem of bullying is not simple. We need to all do something, if every person did something to stop bullying like volunteering time with teenagers, maybe we could start to end this cycle of cruelness.

Please watch this video on bullying.    This video is a song wrote and performed by a girl who has been bullied.                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GdZAJuh6q4

    you’re not alone – song about bullying  

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This song is written from the angle of a victim of bullying and is an original song written and performed by a club called http://onceuponproductions.com who are currently filming a movie called ‘once upon a bully’ covering the subject of bullying. checkout www.onceuponabully.com

HOW TO GET STARTED VOLUNTEERING FOR SENIOR CITIZENS AND HELP THE STUDENTS                                            http://www.smileschangelives.org/volunteer