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Off The Base

Formal charges in the killing of 16 Afghan civilians are expected within a against Army Sgt. Robert Bales while he is set for his first face-to-face meeting Monday with his civilian Seattle attorney John Henry Browne according to the Associated Press.

A Mixed Record and Florida Connection

A check of Bales’ background shows that he has had several commendations for good conduct during his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet AP reports he also was facing financial problems:

… in recent years: a Florida investment job went sour, his Seattle-area home was condemned as he struggled to make payments on another, and he failed to get a recent promotion.

You can read to full Associated Press article HERE.

‘Always Positive with the Biggest Grin’

According to an interview with NPR Maj. Brent Clemmer, then captain, served with Bales in Iraq.

He (Clemmer) recalls Bales as “a really…

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