Mother's Day card

Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my first memories I have of flowers and my momma is me picking dandelions and bringing them home to my momma. I had a conversation with my good friend Penny last night about getting flowers while I am still  I miss my momma, my beautiful momma.   My momma loved to work in the garden. My momma loved to get flowers, and I admit I love getting flowers.  I told my friend I want flowers and plants while I am on Earth and  then after I am going please have people give to one of my charities I so Love.  Pro Flowers, 1 800 Flowers ,have nice flowers and I have used their services in the past and now, there are great deals for moms.  I love nothing more than a big old sentimental card from Hallmark.  The bigger the card and the more mushier the words the better.  I am sentimental, and I love that when my kids recognize that and honor me that way. My husband Tom said that he won’t buy me a mothers day gift because I am not his mom.  This is the man who buys me stuff all year-long, lol.  I get it, I get mothers day gifts from the kids.  My kids take time to pick out just the right gift for me. The time they spend getting the gift is more important to me than the gift. It means a lot to me that they do that because it has always been special to me to pick just the right gift for them. My kids saw me as they were growing up writing the sentimental cards and going to the store to get just the right gift for a friend and family member.  I miss my mom so much. You know I am so happy that even when my budget was beyond low, I got her gifts that I knew she would like. I now give gifts to others on Mothers Day because my mom passed on when I was only thirty-one.  People,please buy your mom flowers while she is alive rather then later after she is gone to heaven!