CA Congressman Worries that Pakistani Doctor Forgotten pic by

Today on the Dennis Prager show, Dennis Prager, featured the following , California Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher. This congressman is on a mission to free the Doctor who helped us in the capture of Osama.  Dennis Prager, said, ” If America does not help this man who helped America at great risk to himself and family,” who in the future will want to help us”?  Seriously , treats us like their enemie and our enemies find safe harbor in their country. I want no money, zip,zero to go to Pakistan until these people let this friend of America go free. People tell three people and they tell three people and so on and so that we set this Doctor friend of The United States of America..FREE

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 | Posted by: Allen Estrin at 12:47 PM
California Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, doesn’t want the US government to abandon this heroic man. That we would is shameful. Contact your Representative and insist that he do whatever he can to help this man. Here’s what you might write: Dear Sir (Madam): Please work to have hearings on behalf of the Pakistani doctor who enabled us to get Osama Bin Laden. Sincerely..
Please see following link to find your -just go to this link to find your rep. and tell three others and they tell three others!!   represenative..