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Off The Base

A recent report from the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General finds that Bay Pines VA Health System in Bay Pines, Florida failed to provide adequate follow-up care for veterans considered at high risk for suicide.

There’s more emphasis being placed on suicide prevention and follow-up care because of the increased rate of suicide among veterans and active duty service members.

Looking at records for 30 veterans who received acute mental health (MH) care, the auditors found that three of 10 veterans who were considered at high risk for suicide were not contacted within the prescribed time or with the required frequency:

Follow-Up for High Risk for Suicide Patients. Through its MH performance measures, VHA requires that patients discharged from inpatient MH who are on the high risk for suicide list receive 2 outpatient follow-up evaluations within 14 days of discharge and 2 outpatient follow-up evaluations within 15–30…

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