This made me smile Girl Scouts are angels

Off The Base

A troop of Girl Scouts has been sending their cookies to deployed soldiers for seven years, but not in 2012.

Instead, Troop 81737 of South Brunswick donated 21 cases of Girl Scout cookies to the Bethesda Naval Hospital and delivered them in person according to a report in the  Sentinel.

The seven Scout Ambassadors, who will be high school seniors next year, traveled to Bethesda, Md. on June 22 to hand out boxes of cookies to hospitalized troops at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, locally called the Bethesda Naval Hospital.

They passed out 15 cases of cookies to wounded servicemen and servicewomen at the hospital’s residence hall, where they are rehabilitating. Visitors must be 18 years old to enter the hospital, so the girls, aged 16 and 17, handed over six more cases to be given to those being treated within the hospital.

The troop started sending…

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