Nala now nursed by Julie Love after coming close to death

Nala now please sign petition to convict Kevin Gdwik who abused her

Please see new adopted mom Julie Love’s petition. This following is her plea…….

Please sign above petition on

The previous owner of my dog, Nala, was charged with 2 felony and 2 misdemeanor counts of Causing Animal Cruel Death Suffering and Pain. He also had her brother, who passed away from neglect, starvation and abuse. His next court hearing is July 18th, 2012. He was charged with Animal Cruelty in 1970 – the Lee County court dismissed his charges. I am petitioning for him to receive the maximum penalty for his abuse of Nala and her brother in this case. I will forward all signatures to the judge in the case prior to the hearing. Thank you, Anders Herjander and Julie Love

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