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Noir and Me He made it to 23 I love this guy!

It all started when in the 70’s my dog Nate got out for the umpteenth time. I went to the Royal Oak Animal shelter, to bring him home.  My cat Paleface, Noir’s mommy was there, and was going to be euthanized. I took her with my dog Nate home. I had her for 22 years when she passed on. My Paleface,  I told her all my problems nightly.  Her son Noir, was born in my son’s bed the first day he went to kindergarten. Named Noir because he was black, we did not want Smokie, Midnight etc.  He has been thru a lot, 3 moves and his family coming and going in his life. He is now blind and diabetic. He purrs when I pick him up, still likes to eat, and meows out loud every so often! I love him and every day is a blessing as long as he feels well. In honor of his birth from a shelter cat, his momma ,, please give to Puffy Paws of Englewood, Fl..   Puffy Paws does not euthanize, ever.  Puffy Paws, take all kinds of kitties, sick, old, blind and other unwanted kitties. Please, Please let them become part of your giving life.  http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/id313.html