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Athletics logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just love watching the Florida Gulf Coast University players enjoy themselves in the NCAA Tournament. They are the first 15 seeded team, to make it to the “Sweet Sixteen”. I have a sweet spot for them because they actively recruited my son David Ashwell , in their inaugural Basketball season. I also love that most of the country does not even know where the university is located,Fort Meyers,Florida.  Their fan base also consists of retired folks who also just enjoy the way the team openly enjoys their victories. They enjoy the game and they enjoy the victories in a humble fun way.   It is refreshing to see players who appear as though they are thrilled to be in the “Sweet Sixteen” and not acting like their participation, was a given fate, as it seems other participating teams do.   F.G.C.U.  Guys “you rule”and thanks for the ride, I am hoping that the season for you ends with a national title!!! Please enjoy this video from sudents at F.G.C.U. celebrating their team in the “March Madness” tournament.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MWGx0x25yo