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Off The Base

By Yoselis Ramos

Since 9 a.m. Monday, American artist Scott LoBaido has been painting a 80 x 30 foot American flag mural on the north wall of the Tampa Firefighters Museum in downtown Tampa.

LoBaido has traveled through all 50 states painting murals on rooftops as both a ‘welcome home’ and a ‘thank you’ message to our troops. He has not personally served in the U.S. military.

“I have some military in my family, I have never served but I have more freedom than most people in the world,” he said.

LoBaido’s specialty is American flags. “I’ve gazed at the Sistine  chapel, I’ve touched the statue of David by Michelangelo, but my favorite work of art is the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ It’s the most meaningful, powerful, the most recognizable work of art in the world,” he said.

LoBaido’s mural will be dedicated to Sergeant Mike Nicholson, who lost both his…

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