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Imogene McCaws-My MommaMomma a mother who is way beyond what a mother needs to be.   Momma was born when her mom was elderly. My grandmother gave my momma to her sister to raise! She never got to call someone mom, or momma. My momma’s neice was older than my mamma.  My mamma never really had a birthday till she met my pappa. My mamma never got Christmas presents till she met my pappa. My momma gave us her children, the best she could. We had parties, we had what we needed for school, activities and much more. The best gift Momma you gave us was, the love for God and his son Jesus.  Imogene McCaw you lived by example, you forgave those who hurt you. I remember that day you went to your Mother‘s funeral by Greyhound bus from Michigan to Kentucky and back and you paid your respects to your mother.  Momma you forgave her and you truly showed us what forgiveness was about.